What we do

Sun and holiday attract lots of people to the beach. But the many expensive things we bring to the beach also attracts thieves. LockDown, a startup at KTH Pre-incubator program is now developing a solution allowing beach visitors to safely store their valuables by using the sand itself as a lock.

LockDown co-founder and previous professional windsurfer Folger Forsén, gives us an insight into how he first came up with the idea.

“I’ve always had an attraction and fascination with the ocean, and throughout my surfing career, I’ve spent a lot of time at different beaches around the world. No matter the country I have travelled to, the beach is the place where I want to let go of all of my worries and just relax. However, the fear of leaving my valuables unattended has always hindered me from being completely calm when going for a surf session or just taking a carefree nap. After years of struggling with this problem, I started to ask what other people do about this issue, and the simple answer to this problem was that there is no good solution to it”.

– Folger Forsén, Co-founder LockDown Innovation


Welcome to LockDown

The product, or so called beach lock, is currently under development. There are several potential solutions to this problem and we are working hard to validate which of the different concepts that would be the ultimate solution. However, either way we end up going, we are confident that our solution will make a large impact on how people visit the beach.

Our Story

LockDown Innovation is a Swedish product company based in Stockholm. Founded in 2020 by long time friends Folger Forsén, Carl-Johan Nilsson, Douglas Hellström, Filip Mälberg and Daniel Hallin. Folger who ran a windsurfing and snowboard career stumbled upon the issue of not being able to leave his valuables unattended when going out surfing around the world and wanted a change. The idea of solving this issue arisen after long discussions with his friends during the studies at The Royal Institute of Technology. Now, inspired by world wide travels, cutting edge materials and Swedish innovations they have created ultimate solution.

“Ever since Folger first brought up the idea of the beach lock, I started to realize how big this pain really was for me. When I’m out surfing I spend almost more time on monitoring my stuff rather than focusing on surfing… However, as we learned through our time at KTH, if there is a problem, there is also a solution. I’m so proud and motivated to be a part of this fantastic team and finally get rid of this problem.”

– Filip Mälberg, Co-Founder

Folger Forsén
Business consultant at major global tech company with two years of experience. Master science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Industrial Engineering and Management. Former professional career in snowboarding and windsurfing.

Carl-Johan Nilsson
2+ years experience as consultant at  Mckinsey. M.Sc. in Accounting and Financial Management,  SSE. Sun lover and  beach volleyball enthusiast 

Douglas Hellström
Product development and Innovation Management student at KTH. Passion for fashion and material.

Filip Mälberg
Currently studying a master in Innovation Management student and product development at KTH. Big passion for surfing and enjoys travelling as much as possible.

Daniel Hallin
Studying a master in Innovation Management and Product Development at KTH. Great interest for photography and takes every chance possible to do some outdoor adventures, go skiing or surfing.

Our vision

With LockDown we believe that we will serve the market with a modern safety product that complies with a sustainable future. Our vision is to solve an unmet and clear need that has no obvious solution today.

Don’t Worry, Beach Happy!

Behind the name

During Covid-19 times it feels a bit ironic to name a company LockDown. We have all been struggling during these times, stuck in our homes, creating a lot of spare time. Therefore, instead of travelling, Folger together with a group of his friends that have been discussing this idea for many years, decided to spend this time to finally tackle the problem.

The word lockdown from the pandemic therefore inspired us to develop this idea where we “lock down” a safety solution into the sand. And that’s where the name came from.



We’re super excited to announce that LockDown Innovation is now part of Toolspace for 3 months ahead where we will be able to produce prototypes and test our concept. Time to take the product the next level! Ready… set… … Continue readingToolspace