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Sun and holiday attract lots of people to the beach. But the many expensive things we bring to the beach also attracts thieves. LockDown, a startup at KTH Pre-incubator program is now developing a solution allowing beach visitors to safely store their valuables by using the sand itself as a lock.

LockDown co-founder and previous professional windsurfer Folger Forsén, gives us an insight into how he first came up with the idea.

“I’ve always had an attraction and fascination with the ocean, and throughout my surfing career, I’ve spent a lot of time at different beaches around the world. No matter the country I have travelled to, the beach is the place where I want to let go of all of my worries and just relax. However, the fear of leaving my valuables unattended has always hindered me from being completely calm when going for a surf session or just taking a carefree nap. After years of struggling with this problem, I started to ask what other people do about this issue, and the simple answer to this problem was that there is no good solution to it”.

– Folger Forsén, Co-founder LockDown Innovation

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