Our story

LockDown Innovation is a Swedish product company based in Stockholm. Founded in 2020 by long time friends Folger Forsén, Carl-Johan Nilsson, Douglas Hellström, Filip Mälberg and Daniel Hallin. Folger who ran a windsurfing and snowboard career stumbled upon the issue of not being able to leave his valuables unattended when going out surfing around the world and wanted a change. The idea of solving this issue arisen after long discussions with his friends during the studies at The Royal Institute of Technology. Now, inspired by world wide travels, cutting edge materials and Swedish innovations they have created ultimate solution.

Folger Forsén
Business Consultant at major tech company. M.Sc. in Industrial Management and Business, KTH. Former professional career in snowboard and windsurfing

Carl-Johan Nilsson
2+ years experience as consultant at  Mckinsey. M.Sc. in Accounting and Financial Management,  SSE. Sun lover and  beach volleyball enthusiast 

Douglas Hellström
Product development and Innovation Management student at KTH. Passion for fashion and material

Filip Mälberg
Mechanical engineer and Innovation Management student at KTH. 
Passion for surfing, travelling

Daniel Hallin
Studying a master in Innovation Management and Product Development at KTH. Great interest for photography and takes every chance possible to do some outdoor adventures, go skiing or surfing.